For saving space and soil, this method also has several
other benefits, including no soil-borne diseases, no
weeds to pull and no soil to till, run-of-the-mill side
benefits of soil-less gardening.

Environmental Controls

Temperature is another important design parameter of your grow room and it is something that must be borne in mind from the beginning. Most plant species will grow most effectively in the temperature range of 20-28?C, the mid twenties being optimal. It will not be difficult to maintain this sort of temperature in your room while the lights are on as they are a great source of heat as well as light. If temperatures should become too high, a simple extractor fan should serve to reduce them. This extractor can be easily linked to a thermostat to ensure that your room never reaches the high temperatures that can have a negative effect on growth rates.
When your lights are off, however, you will expect a gradual decline in temperatures. In the colder parts of the year, they will drop well below the ideal growth range. Recent research has shown that night cycle temperatures are just as significant as day cycle temperatures in plant production and it is in fact the relationship between them that has most effect on the final shape and productivity of the plant.

It is important to avoid large temperature fluctuations between the day and night cycles as this can lead to weak and poorly formed plants. It is ideal for most species to try and bring day and night temperatures as close together as possible and this is not as difficult as it sounds.

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These CF / TDS and pH meters are extremely robust and of a high calibre and come highly recommended. The conductivity (CF / TDS) meters and pH meters are used in testing the strength of nutrient solutions.
There are several meters available on the market. The meters listed have been specially selected because of their reliability. When using NFT, Flood And Drain and Rockwool slab culture, growers can control and manage the pH and strength (conductivity or CF/TDS) of the nutrients and ensure fast growth rates and greater yields.
Environmental Units
Vapourtek neutralises strong odours. However, it doesn't replace carbon filters in a growing environment, but can be useful in dealing with odours from adjoining rooms. The Silver Bullet Ozone Generator encourages plant growth. It also discourages insects but primarily dissolves odours. This is a tried and tested safe domestic appliance.
Cool and Warm Mist Humidifier
Automatic humidity control. Transparent water tank: 7 l. Easy maintenance. Alarm for water refilling& tank cleaning.
Timers And Relays
One of the most common and serious problems experienced by growers is hydroponic lighting timer failures. Household timers purchased from major manufacturers are simply not designed to handle the (inductive) power loads of hydroponic lighting. Contactor relays are the answer. You can still use the standard timer, but power is routed through the contactor relay and not the timer. Alternatively, we also offer relays that have built-in timers. Timers will switch on your contactor and lights as and when required.
Autonomous Environmental Control Systems - Fan Controllers
The Sunbeam fan controller switches fans on when the room is too hot and switches fans off when the room is too cold. Intended for use with a simpler inlet or extraction fan. Temperature is set with the single rotary dial.
In some parts of the UK, water quality is poor so it can be difficult to obtain optimum results expected from hydroponics. Reverse Osmosis (RO) is the answer. This is a water purifier which removes all unwanted residues and particles from your water, thereby giving the grower better quality water. These need to be ordered in advance so the exact model best suited to the type of water in the grower's area is supplied. However, chances are that most growers won't require one. If you are in any way unsure, please contact us, so that we can advise and order a unit for you.
MicroPonic Systems
This instrument automatically measures the CF/TDS/EC of the nutrient reservoir and will automatically add the correct amount of nutrient as and when it is required, thereby ensuring that the nutrient level is always at an optimum level for plant uptake.
Water And Air Pumps
Air pumps aerate your system and enable faster growth. Esoteric Hydroponics offer air and water pumps that are silent and reliable.
Water Heaters
It is important to maintain the temperature nutrient solution between 20-24?C as this will ensure better growth rates and is particularly important during the colder season.
With water heaters they are only to be used in environments that are very cold. You are not meant to heat the water, just remove the chill from it. The water would still seem colder than it would warmer. Feeding your plants warm water is more detrimental than feeding them cold water.
Indestructible Water Heater
Thermostatically controlled indestructible water heaters. The Bentley of water heaters. How many traditional glass ones have you already been thru? Well, never again with these all singing and dancing beauties.
Vecton UV Steriliser - Destroys Pythium
The use of Ultraviolet lamps to treat your hydroponic nutrient solution helps to control and can completely eliminate pythium where it has taken hold in a re-circulating hydroponic system. In a normal growing environment pythium tends not to occur however, if it does occur it can decimate a crop in no time at all. To control and eradicate pythium from your system, simply connect the Vecton UV Steriliser to a pump and continuously pump your nutrient solution through this steriliser.
It is recommended that you also use UV balance as the steriliser can knock out some delicate food chains in your nutrient solution. This is specially formulated to correct any potential imbalances that may occur from using a UV steriliser.
Ecotechincs Temperature Control Unit
Temperature is one of the most important environmental factors in your grow room / glasshouse all plants have an optimum temperature at which they will grow at and a minimum and maximum temperature that they can survive therefore temperature is very important to the health & growth rate of all plants.
The Evolution digital temperature control System constantly monitors the temperature in the growing area and independently controls an extractor fan & a heater in order to optimise conditions for plant growth.
Plants grown in optimised environments grow much faster and bigger resulting in increased yields and decreased crop cycle times.
This Controller can be used in conjunction with the new Evolution Carbon Dioxide controller.
Harvest-Master 'Climate' Controller
I take the guesswork out of growing your plants and turning them into a crop. Just plug me in! I check what you have connected and how it works. Youhardly need to open the manual. I learn about everything, and keep on learning about "atmosphere"; temperature, humidity and climate changes minute by minute, day after day! That's my job!
Combined Environmental Controllers
An all in one environmental controller. It features a thermostatic fan controller, a humidistat fan controller, a thermostatic heat controller and a CO2 monitor and injector. In short, you can control CO2, inlet and extraction fans, and heaters.

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