For saving space and soil, this method also has several
other benefits, including no soil-borne diseases, no
weeds to pull and no soil to till, run-of-the-mill side
benefits of soil-less gardening.

Hydroponics Supply

Growing media is an essential part of any hydroponic growing system. Simply put, growing media is a soil substitute. There are many types of grow media available, each offering different advantages. These media are all inert, sterile substrates that have excellent aeration properties. Rockwool 2.5cm (1") cubes are ideal for starting seedlings / cuttings, and then can be transferred into 7.5cm (3") cubes.

Afterwards, growing cubes are either planted onto rockwool slabs or into your hydroponic system or other substrate like GreenMix which is a mixture of water retentive and water repellent rockwool. This gives better drainage.

Clay pebbles are by far the most popular potting on hydroponic medium and are used in flood and drain, drip irrigation, passive systems, even some NFT systems. This medium provides excellent aeration, superb pH stability and can be re-used. it can also be mixed with soil to improve aeration and drainage.

When using rockwool to raise or start seedlings; make a stock solution using your grow nutrient or similar to a TDS / CF reading of 10-12 then pH adjust that stock solution down to 5.5pH. Decant this solution into a bottle so you can feed this to the rockwool as and when needed. Shake bottle well before sprinkling. Do no over soak or let rockwool sit in a puddle of nutrient.

Rockwool Cubes, Transplanting Cubes
These are ideal for transferring and growing seedlings and cuttings grown in SBS cubes. At this point, the growing cubes are planted on into NFT systems or GroDan Rockwool Slabs.

Rockwool Slabs
The slab method is most commonly used by commercial farmers to grow larger, high productivity plants (tomatoes or cucumbers) and large scale flower production. Drip irrigation is the preferred method to feed plants at regular intervals. Three sizes are available.

This is also known as GoldenWool. GreenMix is a rockwool granulate made up of water absorbent and water repellent properties with unique pH buffers. This offers very good aeration and drainage qualities and is a favourite of many growers because it's easy to use and has reliable results.

These are made from processed granules of volcanic rock. Perlite has excellent capillary properties and doesn't compact which makes for good aeration. These are sometimes used in pot culture or with drippers.Clay Pebbles
Hydroton clay pebbles from Germany are lightweight, uniform, pH neutral and re-usable. For most applications, 8-16mm is the most popular size.

Canna Coco
Often mixed with perlite for seed and clone raising.

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Often mixed with perlite for seed and clone raising.

Spreader Mats
Replacement spreader mats for NFT systems.

Jiffy Pellets
Start seedlings with Jiffy pellets. Soak pellets for less than five minutes then sqeeze to introduce air and prevent water logging. Using a match, create a hole for one seed. Insert seed and cover. Place in propagator.



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