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Light Ideas for your Hydroponic Garden Party

Planning a garden party with your hydroponic garden as thecenterpiece? Depending on how large your hydroponic garden is thelighting for your special party can be dramatic, simple or elegant.

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The first thing you need to determine is the exact area of yourgarden party. The size of the area determines how many lights youwill need to light up the area. In addition, the amount of lightwill also depend on the mood you are trying to create. Dramaticlighting may require more lights whereas an elegant party themewill use dimmer lighting sources. The theme of your garden partywill also determine the types of lights that you will want to use.

There are many different types of lights that you can use for adramatic garden party. Torchlights and tiki lights are great forcreating dramatic effects for a garden party with a barbeque orluau theme. Colored paper lanterns are very popular for an eveninggarden party as are string lights that feature items such as chilipeppers, margaritas or flowers. Rope lighting can also accent yourgarden area without having to attach the lights to plants or otheroutdoor garden items.

Looking for a simple garden party theme with easy to set uplighting? Favorite simple themes include a college party, fallparty or a family get-together. Mini string lights are favoritesfor decorators because they come in many different colors and theycan be enhanced with inexpensive light covers. Metal lanterns arealso very popular for a garden party because they can either be litwith candles, battery operated lights or string lights. Manypeople enjoy the soft glow of candles in an outdoor setting andthis can be easily achieved at a minimum of expense. Localgardening centers often sell terra cotta pots, hurricane lampshades and a variety of elevated candle holders that make beautifulcandle centerpieces for guest's tables.

Elegant lighting is often used for a romantic garden party orwedding garden party. String lights are usually white and featureflower covers that are made of silk or real leaves. Other stringlights that are popular include roses, stars, white or pastel paperlanterns, plastic yarn balls or satin globe lights. Other lighting options for a garden party include umbrellalighting, lighting for trees and other elements that can bringlight such as wire frame shapes. These types of lights can add tothe party experience and enhance your garden as well. Party hostsmay also opt to rent specialty lighting such as a lighted fountainor floating lanterns in your pond. Solar lights are also a popular choice for garden parties.

Solarlights are no longer just plain black covered lights that linewalkways in the back of your home. Solar lights come in manycolors, sizes, and shapes to suit any style home or party theme. An added bonus of solar lights is that you don't have to pluganything in and unlike candles the lights won't blow out if thereis a breeze. Solar lights can light walkways, highlight a specificitem of interest in your garden or be used to accent a table atyour party.

Garden party lighting can be a fun part of decorating if you choosethe type of lighting you want well in advance of your garden party. This is especially important if you are ordering lights from acompany that is out of your area. Choose lights that will enhanceyour surroundings and add to the theme of your party. Remember tochoose lighting that fits the size of the area you are lighting. Large artistic lighting can be used in a small area but only if itis the centerpiece or a few accent pieces. The goal of gardenlighting is to create a relaxed mood, not flood the area so that itlooks like daylight time.

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