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Plant Enhancer In Hydroponics

There are a lot of hydroponic supplements available to growers today and all gardeners want to make sure that they spend their money only on the ones that truly give them the most benefit. The one of the best supplement you should know is plant enhancer;

The Benefits Of Using Plant Enhancer In Hydroponics
By Michael Straumietis

Hydroponics can be a very rewarding and often profitable enterprise. But it can also sometimes be a costly one. With all the lights, fixtures, media, and other materials to buy and maintain, many hydroponics growers often choose to not purchase a reputable plant enhancer, seeing it as an unnecessary expense. But for anyone who is truly serious about witnessing just how much and how quickly their plants can develop, a quality plant enhancer is an essential investment. Here are just a few ways that including a reputable plant enhancer to your hydroponics system can be a boon to your indoor gardening.

Hydroponics Guide

Bigger Yield - One of the biggest factors that influence yield is how many nutrients your plant is receiving. Increasing the amount of nutrients that your plants receive is not as simple as just increasing them in your nutrient solution, because nutrient uptake may hit a plateau if the conditions of your root zone are not optimized. A quality plant enhancer usually has several elements that help improve uptake and therefore increase your yield. For example, some plant enhancers might contain specially designed enzymes that can stimulate root growth, thus enabling your plant to soak up more moisture and nutrients. Others might have beneficial fungi that can break down the nutrients in your solution so they are more useful to your plants.

Bigger Buds and Vegetables - The added growth will affect every part of your plant, including exactly where you want it the most. That means bigger buds, and larger, tastier, and juicer vegetables come harvest time. In fact, many plant enhancers are engineered to give you exactly this result.

Faster Harvests - Because your plants will be healthier and receiving nutrients much more efficiently, they will be able to progress much through each stage of plant development. This means that you can enjoy your vegetables or flowers much more quickly.

Healthier Plants - Since soil contains most of the harmful bacteria that can make plants ill, plants grown hydroponically are usually healthier than those that are traditionally grown. But that does not mean that hydroponic plants are completely immune from the bacteria, viruses, and fungi that can ruin a crop. A quality plant enhancer can severely reduce the odds of a disastrous infection in a number of ways. First, when there are multiple strains of fungi or bacteria in your hydroponics system, they will all compete for nutrients. If beneficial fungi and bacteria become an established presence, it will become less likely that harmful fungi and bacteria will grow in your system because the nutrients that they organisms need to survive will be scarce. Second, these enhancers can actually improve the natural defenses of your plants against diseases.

Higher Cloning Success Rate - Cloning plants from a stem cutting is a very delicate procedure and often results in a significant percentage of cuttings dying before they can take root. When your cutting comes from a plant that has been made healthier due to the use of a plant enhancer, it is more likely to have sufficient storage of carbohydrates to make the cloning attempt a success.

Michael Straumietis is co-founder of Advanced Nutrients, an international marketer and manufacturer of agricultural, home & garden, hydroponics and soil less fertilizers and plant nutrients. If you would like to know more about plant enhancers, discover the Advanced Epedia at


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