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Different Types of Hose Adapters

There are many types of hoses used in many situations. There are hoses that are normally used as garden hoses, while some hoses are used for a more sophisticated use. Because of this, its hose adapters or couplings are also different in terms of usage, from simple to heavy duty.

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Some of the simplest forms of hose couplings used around the world include:

Hoselink and hozelock
Hoselink is a sort of bbayonet type connector utilizing an 0 Ring compression to provide a watertight connection, while a hozelock is a type of hose adapters with push-fit connector. Both types of hose couplings are normally used for garden hoses.

However, other than hoselink and hozelock, a number of hose couplings have also been used for a more heavy duty application. Most of these types of hose couplings include:

One of the most popularly known hose adapters in Germany, it is a type of quarter turn coupling or sexless coupling commonly used to connect to fire hydrants.

Guillemin symmetrical clutch
Mostly used in France and Belgium, these hose couplings are mostly used by firefighters to couple fire hoses. It is also commonly known under the name of DSP connector.

Nakajima and Machino
Nakajima and machino are both types of hose couplings normally used in Japan. Nakajima is a "quarter turn" or "sexless" coupling used on fire hoses while machine makes use of a quick connect and disconnect coupling also used on fire hoses.

Expansion ring
A Expansion Ring Fire Hose Coupling is commonly used on lay flay fire hose, it has the advantage of providing no flow restriction, as the expansion ring is expanded to match the inner diameter of the hose.

Compared to other types of hose couplings, expansion rings are normally installed with a special machinery using a drawbar expander. In the USA it is most commonly supplied with NST (NH) threads.

Holedall hose couplings
These types of hose adapters are known for its varieties. These include the mulconroy, IX or Internally Expanded hose coupling, and Scovill, which are types of hose adapters mostly used in higher pressure applications or where the hose is exposed to higher end pull. And like the expansion ring, these types of hose couplings are installed with the use of a special machinery. For more information visit to our site at

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