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Growing Table Grapes

Grapes are know as the most diverse fruit of all. The reason for this is that there are about 600 different varities of grapes for growing and each one varies due to the size and color. You may think that growing table grapes will be a big undertaking, however if you know the type of seed to plant and the right time to plant them you will see it is not all that difficult.

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You will need to take many different things into consideration. You need to consider what particular type of grape is best, depending on the purpose for which it is intended. You see, different kinds of grapes are used for wine making, juices, dried fruits or jelly. Likewise, location and climate are just as important. In fact, weather should be a primary concern for the grape grower because growing a variety that does not suit the climate will not yield very good results.

It is most practical to grow table grapes in areas where the weather is hot and the climate is dry. If you are growing grapes in this area they should be planted in deep soil and supplied with an abundant amount of water. Southern Arizona,Northern Mexico and California are the best places for growing table grapes during the springtime. Table grapes grow abundantly during the fall months in Chile.

Other than growing table grapes, some types of this fruit are also grown throughout the year. With that in mind, here are the best types of grapes for growing depending on the season:

  • A cold climate is ideal for planting blush seedless grapes because of its tolerance for cold. It produces large sized grapes that are of good quality.
  • Autumn is the best time to grow the seedless white grapes because it has a high tolerance for moderately cold weather. One significant characteristic of this type of grape is the large berries bundled in small clusters. This particular grape will need to be left on the vine for a longer time because they ripen a little later than other grapes.
  • The flame seedless grape is another variety that works well in moderately cold temperatures. These small berries are known for their high quality which makes them the standard for determining the quality of grapes throughout the world.
  • Growing wine grapes takes a lot of effort compared to growing table grapes. Very special techniques are used by wineries. Generally, the type of grapes used determines the kind of wine that will be produced. Each type of grape produces a different flavor. The following are some of the better types of grapes for making wine.
  • The Pinot Noir is known for producing the best wines all over the world. It is a variety of the species Vitis Vinefera and it is most commonly used for red wine. Growing these grapes may be a bit difficult but they are ideal for colder climates.
  • Chenin Blanc is every winery's choice of grapes for growing. They produce wines that have a smooth and fruity flavor. It is a variety of white grapes in which the acidity is higher than in the others.
  • Aglianico is a type of black grape that traces its history to the times of the Greeks and the Romans. They grow abundantly in Basilicata and Campania Italy.
Growing table grapes can be a lucrative business if you know the techniques that go with the planting. Although it can be difficult at first, your mastery of the craft will give you the skills to plant many other varieties of grapes for growing.

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