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Greenhouse Accessories

Whether you are an experienced greenhouse gardener, have a new greenhouse, or are waiting for your first greenhouse to arrive it’s pretty likely that its time to restock on a few essential accessories.

Greenhouse Accessories

In the midst of winter most greenhouses are sheltering plants that might not otherwise survive outside so floor space can be at a premium. Take a careful look around the greenhouse and see how you can utilise your space more effectively.

If you have a timber framed greenhouse it is pretty easy to install high level shelving for extra plants, or even flowerpots and accessories.

Usually the eaves space is little used until your summer plants are in full growth, so additional shelving can be especially useful and even removed during the growing season if the space is needed for plant height.

Every gardener uses their greenhouse in a different way, so greenhouse accessories are infinitely variable to suit the needs of all. This is particularly relevant for benches and staging. Most greenhouses have at least one potting bench and some permanent staging to nurture developing plants. Traditionally greenhouse staging is a permanent fixture in the greenhouse, usually attached, although it can generally be moved around to suit the gardener’s needs and the plants being grown.

Greenhouse benches were considered to be more temporary fixtures that could be folded up or dismantled. Many greenhouse owners move the potting bench into a shed or sheltered area when the weather allows, thus freeing up more space in the glasshouse.

Use the winter months for a complete greenhouse overhaul and pay special attention to the staging. Is there enough for your needs? Does it need upgrading, repairing or replacing? If so, now is a good time to sort it out. Look out for winter sales where you can get even better value for money and buy the best you can afford so that it lasts.

It’s a good time to check your propagating kit and to give it a clean and make sure it is all in working order. By January you can actually start sowing seeds and a heated propagator will give you a head start. If you don’t have one then add it to your Christmas wish list or order it now so that you have it ready to use when you need it. Again look out for winter offers before the new stock arrives in spring and buy a good quality model that offers you some control over the temperature and plenty of room for your seeds. If you’ve got big plans for sowing and growing then consider a soil warming cable that can be installed in a sand filled bench, which provides basal heat for many seeds and cuttings.

If you haven’t already done so clean up your flowerpots ready for spring using a dedicated greenhouse cleaner. If you think you need more then stock up now and store them in a cool, clean dry place. Other useful items include labels, marker pens, garden twine and a dibber. If you have them ready now you will save time searching in the spring.

Use the quieter winter months to prepare your greenhouse for the season ahead and stock up on the accessories you will need to make the most of your greenhouse space.

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