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Swimming pools and value adding to properties- Myths or facts?

Just about everything which can be added on to a property is referred to as a “value adding” exercise. That’s not always the case. Swimming pools, for example, do add overall value, provided they’re in good condition and don’t need a lot of work. If they’re rundown or dilapidated, they can be a problem for buyers. An ancient pool pump or dirty pool doesn’t exactly scream “Value!” at a buyer.

Photo: Prowpatareeya

Pools and property value problems
The fact is that swimming pools, overall, are considered good value-adding for all kinds of residential and even commercial properties. However, the property market isn’t exactly a charity, and reasons for reducing offers are often the name of the game when properties are up for sale.

These are the typical problems associated with swimming pools on the market:

  • Dirty, or unfilled pools- These suggest the pool isn’t operational and/or hasn’t been well looked after, and will cost money to fix.
  • Low quality pool areas- Same problem, but with the added turn-off of obvious renovation costs.
  • Leaky in ground pools- Leaky pools can be serious trouble. These tend to be older pools, and if they’re near the house, they can affect foundations severely. For property sale purposes, they can be “major defects”, requiring the seller to fix them.
  • Broken down pool fencing- Perhaps the greatest visual turnoff of all, fencing in poor condition really doesn’t inspire buyers.
Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, don’t get caught out by pools in poor condition.

Pools adding value to properties- Plenty of options
The good news for pool owners is that your pool can be a real value adding machine. Refurbishing and expanding the pool amenities can be a cheap, fun way of improving your property values.

There are plenty of options:
  • Landscaping: A landscaped pool can add a lot of elegance to any property. These pools are truly beautiful, and return more than they cost in luxury alone.
  • Adding features: Hot tubs, wading pools, etc.
  • Privacy screens: Privacy screens are rapidly becoming must-have features with pools.
  • Balcony pools attached to the home: Very popular in upmarket housing, this class of pools includes the latest Californian and European designs.
If this is all looking a bit expensive, it’s not necessarily so:
  • Landscaping: A good landscaper can give you a beautiful landscape that won’t do your budget any damage at all. Simply installing basic landscape features like bougainvillea, roses, and ornamentals and letting them grow in can be quite cheap.
  • Adding features: Hot tubs and wading pools can be attached to existing pools pretty easily.
  • Privacy screens: These things are one of the hottest improvements on the property market in years. So much so, in fact, that suppliers are having trouble meeting demand. They look fantastic, and they’ve earned their reputation as value adding assets.
  • Balcony pools or pools attached to the home: These pools must be structurally sound, and they are expensive, but not lethally so. They do look fabulous, they do say value to buyers, and they don’t have to be dangerously costly if you get a smaller size pool.
Yes, pools do add value, and in some cases a lot of value. Always go for quality, when buying or selling, and you’ll never have a problem.


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