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Outdoor Paradise: Five Things Your Luxury Patio is Missing

Outdoor living is one of the biggest trends in the luxury lifestyle. Being able to move your party from the indoors to the great outdoors without losing any of the upscale luxuries the interior of your home affords your family and guests is a big deal for homeowners. When it comes to creating your own luxury patio, you need to know which five items are going to make it the most luxurious, most upscale, most fabulous patio around.

No patio is complete without a fire source. Whether you choose a large, open hearth in which you can light a fire and sit comfortably on your outdoor sofa or a circular fire pit surrounded by deep chairs and tables, you need fire. Think roasting marshmallows with the kids and curling up with a glass of wine and your spouse.

Upscale Furniture
Your patio does not need any sort of plastic tables and chairs. That’s not luxury. You need deep, cushioned seating with couches, tables, ottomans, and chairs. Think interior for the exterior. Buy furniture with durable outdoor cushions in bold colors.
Bright Accents
Every patio needs a bold accent. Whether you choose to display your bold accent as a brightly colored floor rug or with throw pillows, you need something bold. Try bright, happy colors such as yellow, turquoise, blue, green, and even pink. Mix and match patterns such as floral and stripes to create a one of a kind look that will have your guests envious of your designer patio.
If your patio is an indoor patio, air conditioning is a must. When the weather is nice, it’s great to open the windows and let the patio turn into more of an outdoor space. However, when it’s hot, you want the air conditioning. Air conditioning systems Vero Beach can help you install an air conditioning system that will keep your guests comfortable all year.
A Bar
Every luxury outdoor patio needs a bar. This is where you will keep your serving glasses, lemonade and water for the kids, cocktails and mixtures for the adults, and light snacks to help your kids and guests feel welcome. It’s a lot more fun to live outdoors if you have all the luxuries of the indoors with you. No one wants to get up and go in and out of the house to make a drink on a hot summer’s day. That’s why a bar on your patio is the ultimate choice.


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