For saving space and soil, this method also has several
other benefits, including no soil-borne diseases, no
weeds to pull and no soil to till, run-of-the-mill side
benefits of soil-less gardening.

5 Reasons to Grow Indoors

Gardening is migrating. What does this mean? In short, that the future of gardening will look far different from the gardening world of today. Fewer and fewer people will grow their food outdoors, more opting to be the masters of their food supply using controlled indoor gardens. Our gardens are on the move.

Indoor gardening
Every year the world population increases. And every year the quality of our food seems to go down, while the prices steadily rise. This puts the average person in a precarious position, and to feed his family, he must get creative. He’ll go comparison shopping, he’ll avoid grocery stores in favor of farmer’s markets, or he’ll wait for bargain sales. As always, there will be a percentage of people in the future who decide to take matters into their own hands and will grow their own foods as a way to avoid the bigger expenses of the grocery store.

And these entrepreneurial types are more likely to grow indoors. Why? In short, it’s more efficient and effective. With more people growing indoors it’s natural for people to start learning more about gardening and figuring out what works best for them. The smart people will figure out that they will only be able to grow outdoors(and save money on food) during the summer months. The savvy ones will rapidly realize they must find another way. And the sharpest of the bunch will realize that growing indoors is the best choice for these five reasons:  

You can grow all year round
There is no rain, wind, or snow to hinder your gardening. Indoor growing allows you to control all the elements and grow your plants 365 days a year if you decide to do so.

Money saved
The great benefit of growing your own is that you won’t be at the mercy of rising food costs. You can produce what you need to eat and you can even get in on the action and provide food for you neighbors, and make some money selling food to them at the same time.  

You can choose all the different varieties and favorite vegetables and fruits you like. You can grow some strawberries, tomatoes, etc. No longer will you be limited to the choices of big agriculture. (Hint: they often pick the cheapest to produce varieties, which are rarely the most delicious) It’s exciting to see all the possibilities.  

For those who never thought gardening could be exciting I ask you to give it a try. You’ll be hooked. Especially once you see how things grow and change. And when you harness the sun’s energy and rays to create food you’ll feel an immense satisfaction. Doing it yourself is much cooler than going to the store and handing cash over the register. That’s just too easy!  

As you grow your own fruits and vegetables and having the control on all the elements you’ll know 100% that they won’t be poisoned by pesticides or herbicides. It’s completely clean and fresh because you’ll control what goes into your plants.. This one point alone makes it worth it to grow your own food. Because CEO’s, shareholders, and Wall-Street often drive agricultural companies to chase ever-shrinking profits, and this means that the end-product(your food) is compromised. We are the ones who have to eat this food, and knowing what was put in it during the whole growing process gives you peace of mind. So start the process now of creating a space in your home to grow indoors. Do a little bit of reading, and you’ll discover there are resources everywhere on how to grow indoors. Good luck!  

About Global Garden Friends
Global Garden Friends is a company dedicated to creating uniform, organized, and optimal gardening systems that works WITH your plants, not against them. Global Garden Friends is a young company incorporated in 2009 but is full of potential and possibilities. Their first and flagship product is the “Ultimate Plant Cage”. Their latest hot seller is the “Ultimate Plant Clip”. Let the good times grow!


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