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Six Tips for Maintaining a Beautiful Yard

A well-kept yard is important to the curb appeal of any home. If you are looking for a beautiful lawn, you need only follow a few simple tips. By adhering to some routine guidelines and utilizing the proper tools and equipment, you will surely possess a lush yard sooner rather than later. Here are six tried-and-true tips for lawn maintenance.

Irrigate Properly
By ensuring that your grass receives water each day, you will be able to keep the roots in great shape. If you do not receive regular rain in your particular region, you can install a simple irrigation system. By setting the timing devices on the sprinklers, you can control the amount of water that the lawn gets on a daily basis.

Fertilize Multiple Times Each Year
Premium fertilizer will add key nutrients to the soil. Though some people commit to fertilizing the lawn once each year, multiple times will generally work better. If your grass has recently begun to turn yellow in certain areas, an extra dose of fertilizer can be considerably helpful. Fertilizer can be injected into the lawn through simple push machines.

Remove Leaf Litter Promptly
When leaf litter covers the grass in large quantities, it can cause brown spots to develop. By removing organic litter a few times each week, you can ensure that each and every blade of grass receives its needed sunlight. Some landscaping companies, in fact, will offer to remove this litter for a small extra fee.

Keep the Grass Short
By cutting your grass every few days, you can keep the blades themselves from becoming overly long. If you are trying to sell your house, then your yard should remain as perfectly manicured as possible. By using an ExMark riding mower, you should be capable of cutting the whole yard in just a few hours.

Pull Weeds
When it comes to aesthetic appeal, weeds can be rather troublesome. By regularly pulling fledgling weeds out by their roots, they will likely not regenerate. Dandelions are particularly dastardly and should not be allowed to go to seed.

Add Some Flowers
When you are looking to add some extra appeal, you might turn a small area of the lawn into a flower garden. Tulips, sunflowers, daisies, and even roses are all good choices. With a little color added to the lawn, the entire yard will reach new heights.

By doing just a few routine things, you can coax your lawn from brown to green. Most required landscaping tasks, in fact, are rather simple. With an attention to detail, the curb appeal of your residence will shortly be off the charts.


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