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Why Artificial Grass Is Ideal for Your Home Garden

Artificial grass has moved beyond the football pitch, golf course, school playground and into suburbia in a big way.

There are a number of reasons that help to explain why artificial grass is fast gaining the acceptance it has, including aesthetic appeal and ease of maintenance.

Moreover, it’s also been touted as an environmentally friendly alternative to natural grass because it conserves natural resources, reduces the need for fertilisers and pesticides and also provides a use for a caustic waste product; car tyres.

Why you should consider artificial grass for your home

Artificial grass has, after roughly 45 years of existence, finally come of age it would seem and many homeowners have discovered the benefits of artificial grass first-hand.

Many applications

There are many applications for artificial grass as well as many areas in which it will prove to be a more astute choice than natural grass or an alternative to hard surfaces like concrete or pavers.

These include playground areas, where children’s falls can be cushioned by a layer of artificial grass, home putting greens that require no maintenance bar the odd going over with a broom, rooftop garden areas that structurally can’t support the weight of natural grass and basically any area in which you’re tired of the maintenance and upkeep that traditional lawns require.

No maintenance

Traditional lawns require maintenance, and depending on the climate in your locale, often quite a lot. In addition to water bills and in summer water restrictions, there’s also fertilisers and pesticides to buy, weeds to pull out or poison with noxious chemicals – and worry about your children and pets coming into contact with – and then there’s mowing, the lawnmower and more maintenance and bills to concern yourself with.

In comparison, artificial grass requires next to no maintenance, plus it looks great all year round and most artificial grass companies guarantee their synthetic turf won’t fade for 5-10 years.

Offset the costs over time

It’s impossible to deny that artificial grass isn’t more expensive regarding initial outlay; however, as many homeowners have found, the often high initial outlay costs are offset by savings in water usage, fertiliser and pesticide expenditure, along with maintenance costs including lawnmower acquisition and maintenance.

What’s more, although there once was a time when it was necessary to have a professional lay artificial grass, nowadays it’s estimated that over 50 percent of all synthetic turf purchased is laid by homeowners themselves which further reduces the costs involved.

Reduce your carbon footprints

In addition to reducing your water bills and eliminating the need for fertilisers and pesticides, opting for artificial grass over the traditional lawn is also beneficial for the environment in many ways, including finding a use for old car tyres.

Artificial grass is made from recycled tires and by turning old tyres into artificial grass there’s less need for them to be dumped in landfills or burned. “Synthetic turf is an excellent investment for the environment. It provides an outlet for millions of scrap tires and helps to keep these tires out of the waste stream”, says the CEO of Liberty Tire Recycling, Jeffrey Kendall.

Buying artificial grass

There are a few considerations homeowners should bear in mind when buying artificial grass on websites like, including the following:

  • Before purchasing artificial grass ask for free samples
  • Enquire about the guarantee the retailer provides
  • Ask whether a supply-only service is available so you can lay it yourself
  • Use the square-metre cost to compare prices
There are many benefits to laying artificial grass – provided you know what to look for in a synthetic lawn.

About the Author: Easigrass is a company in the UK that provides an exclusive range of artificial grass products that are suitable for many types of applications. Their website features details about installations and more.


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