For saving space and soil, this method also has several
other benefits, including no soil-borne diseases, no
weeds to pull and no soil to till, run-of-the-mill side
benefits of soil-less gardening.

Why T5 grow lights are great addition to your hydroponic garden

A hydroponic garden is a garden where plants are grown not in soil but in different water solutions that are filled with nutrients and these gardens most of the times are more efficient that the regular soil or soilless mix. This method of gardening is especially popular in indoors gardens or grow operations because it is cleaner and also often plants that are grown using hydroponic grow faster in indoors conditions that the ones that are grown in soil. However even hydroponic plant growing systems being as good as they are on their own can benefit from T5 grow lights because fluorescent grow lights offer great efficiency, low profile and ease of use that the regular HID or even LED grow lights won't.

T5 stands for tube shaped fluorescent lights that are five eights of an inch in their diameter hence the name T5. These lights just like T12 and T8 daylight bulbs use fluorescent lighting technology but because their bulb diameter is smaller they are able to produce a lot of light that is very powerful without chewing up a lot of watts or taking up precious space that often is limited when you are gardening indoors. There are two main sizes of T5 grow lights – the 2 feet and 4 feet long lights that come not only in different bulb count configurations, where you can get only one bulb in your T5 fixture or as much as 12 bulbs in one fixture, but also in different color temperature configurations meaning that you can tailor the light you are giving to your plants to the stage of growth they are in by choosing 3,000 Kelvin, 4,100 kelvin or 6,500 Kelvin T5 light bulbs.

But why exactly T5 grow lights are such a good addition to hydroponic system if these systems are so efficient by themselves?

Well since we at specialize in T5 grow lights and how they can help anybody to grow greater plants and get bigger yields, we have found that using hydroponic growing methods and T5 grow lights can produce amazing results. Don’t get me wrong, because just using grow lights with plants that are planted in soil will also give you great yields, but hydroponics is the one extra step you can take to take you plants even further and make them even better. With hydroponic gardening techniques you can adjust all the variables that go into your plants growth like nutrient ratios and intensity as well as the PH of the water and in doing so get the maximum growth.

Because T5 grow lights are so efficient and provide excellent light that is not only in the right color temperature but has the right intensity and luminosity that the plants will gladly absorb they and the hydroponic system that will provide the plants with all essential nutrients will work together to provide the plants that are growing in this environment with only the best in both departments. Meaning that the plants will not only be well fed with nutrients but also well warmed under the bright light of T5 grow lights giving them exactly what they need to thrive.

Moreover because T5 lights produce barely any heat they won’t also heat up your grow room or your hydroponic system meaning that the lights won’t damage it or the plants and only will benefit them with their light not the additional heat that comes with many other kinds of grow lights and that also reduces the need for powerful ventilation systems.

Plants that are especially good to grow with a hydroponic system that is topped off with T5 grow lights are leafy greens for example lettuces or different herbs but really you can grow any plant you like this way from regular house plants to vegetables and even delicate orchids, because hydroponic systems as well as T5 grow lights are designed to be suitable to basically all plants. So if you already are using a hydroponic system or thinking of trying one chose to pair it with T5 grow lights for even better results and bigger yields!


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