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Tips on Effective Hydroponic Gardening in Small Apartments

One of the reasons why hydroponics or soil-less gardening became very popular is due to the increasingly limited space many of us have for a garden. Apartments and vertical buildings help provide sufficient housing for more people using less space, but they also mean features such as a front or back yard are considered luxury items not everyone can have. Hydroponics provides you with the opportunity to grow plants and vegetables without having to invest in extra space.

Hydroponics is even possible in small apartments. In this article, we’re going to look further into some of the best tips you can use to start a hydroponic garden in a small apartment.

Stick with Kits
Most of the systems available today are sold as kits. These plug-and-play hydroponic systems are designed to help you get started in a matter of minutes. All you need to do is assemble the kit and you are all set; you can start growing the plants of your choice as soon as the kit is built.

Hydroponics kits are affordable. They are great for those of you who want to try hydroponics without investing too much money in a garden. Some systems such as the SuperPonics 8 system are even designed to be fully automated, with integrated water and oxygenation systems already included.

One last benefit you will be able to enjoy when using kits is the faster growth rate they’re designed to accommodate. Each plug-and-play kit is designed to speed up growth by as much as 30%. They’re not only compact, but also well-designed to help support the plants you’re growing. Some systems are even designed for specific groups of plants.

Go Vertical
Another advantage of hydroponics is its versatility. Since plants no longer need to spend time to grow roots in order to find sufficient nutrients, they also consume less space vertically. This means you can stack multiple hydroponic kits using a simple shelf and have a vertical garden.

With a space of no more than 0.5m2, you can have a vertical garden. Systems designed for this specific purpose are also available, including the top-of-the-line Tower Garden Growing System. This particular system includes a sturdy stand and an automated pump.

Vertical gardening is particularly popular in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. If you browse through a list of apartments for sale in Dubai, you will see that most of them have gorgeous balconies that are perfect for vertical gardening.

Use Aeroponics
Aeroponics systems use mist as a way of delivering nutrients to plants. They are very easy to manage and tend to be fully automated. If you’re interested in having a beautiful, maintenance-free hydroponic garden, this is the approach to go for.

The use of aeroponics is also in line with the previous tips we’ve covered in this article. There are plenty of DIY kits as well as plug-and-play aeroponics systems that you can use out of the box. Some of the best vertical gardening kits also rely on mist to deliver the necessary nutrients to plants. With careful planning and the tips we have discussed in this article, you can have a gorgeous hydroponics garden making your small apartment that much more beautiful.


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