For saving space and soil, this method also has several
other benefits, including no soil-borne diseases, no
weeds to pull and no soil to till, run-of-the-mill side
benefits of soil-less gardening.

Hydroponic Nutrient Mixes

A gardener can purchase all of these minerals separately and mix their own hydroponic fertilizer. Unfortunately, the fertilizers that make up a hydroponic formula aren't sold as pure nitrogen or pure potassium, so it gets more complex. They are sold as chemical compounds, such as calcium nitrate, potassium nitrate, magnesium sulfate, potassium sulfate and mono potassium phosphate.
Since there are many dependable pre-mix hydroponic formulas available, it is generally more efficient and more economical to use a proven formula that contains all of the above mentioned nutrients in the correct quantities for plant growth. one that you simply add to water.

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Whether you are using a pre-mixed formula or creating your own" it is important to follow these guidelines:

  1. Weigh or measure the nutrients carefully.
  2. Place the nutrients in separate piles or containers to be sure the proportions make sense.
  3. Be sure no components are left out or measured twice.
  4. Accuracy should be within 5 %.
  5. When you are sure the proportions are correct, pour your nutrients into the water in the mixing containers and stir vigorously. Nutrients will dissolve best in warm water.
  6. Measure the nutrient concentration level and record it.


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